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Recycle with Chattams Logistics.

Together we’ll find your waste management solution.

Single point of contact. Custom solution. Environmental commitment.

Materials We Work With.

We specialize in recycling a wide array of materials, offering an integrated solution to reduce waste and maximize your business's sustainability efforts. Our services cover the pickup and management of various materials, ensuring a streamlined and environmentally responsible approach to waste. Here's a closer look at the specific materials we handle:


We offer both pallet recycling and refurbished custom-size pallets for sale. If your business requires pallets, our refurbished options provide a cost-effective and sustainable logistics solution.


Plastic recycling is our specialty. We collect and process all kinds of plastic materials, ensuring they are recycled and repurposed for reduced waste and better sustainability.


Our paper recycling service ensures that no paper goes to waste. Whether it's office paper or packaging materials, we collect, process, and recycle paper materials efficiently.


Our metal recycling service allows you to dispose of metal waste responsibly. Our process involves collecting various metals, processing them efficiently, and ensuring they are reused or recycled.


We step in to collect, process, and recycle cardboard, helping you minimize disposal expenses and reduce your carbon footprint. We will even provide a drop trailer to collect frequent cardboard waste.

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Our multi-faceted approach to recycling encompasses a wide range of materials, underscoring our commitment to both environmental responsibility and your business's financial success.

Our Process.

Our process is meticulously structured to ensure a seamless and profitable journey. It begins with a comprehensive material audit, identifying valuable recyclables. Next, we outline a custom pricing structure to maximize your returns. Then we conduct a trial run, which helps us analyze the material as well as demonstrate the practicality of pickups. From there, we finalize the onboarding, setting the stage for a successful partnership focused on both financial benefits and sustainable practices.

1 | Material Audit

Our thorough material audit process is designed to maximize your recycling rebates while streamlining operations. We begin with an onsite audit to assess your specific needs, during which we identify any waste materials your business generates that can be recycled, as well as determine if you’re currently maximizing your recycling potential. We also evaluate whether any specialized trailers or machinery are required onsite for efficient material collection. Lastly, we work closely with you to review the quantity and production timeline of recyclable materials, allowing us to tailor a solution that aligns with your business goals. Our comprehensive material audit process aims to make recycling a seamless and profitable part of your operations.

2 | Pricing Structure

Our pricing structure is tailored to ensure you receive the most cost-effective and lucrative solution. We start by reviewing your current expenses related to waste removal to understand your existing financial commitments. Then, we conduct thorough research to determine the maximum rebate potential for the recyclable material you generate, aiming to optimize your returns. Simultaneously, we source the best machinery at competitive rates, further enhancing your cost-efficiency. We carefully design a pickup schedule that aligns with your production timeline, reducing operational disruptions. Once we've compiled all this data, we present you with a transparent and fully customized pricing structure that reflects your unique business needs and objectives. Your financial success is our priority, and our pricing structure is designed to reflect that commitment.

3 | Trial Run

We will move forward with dropping off a trailer to collect your materials. Here we will be able to assess the material more thoroughly and determine any potential adjustments to pricing. You will also get a chance to experience our services first hand.

4 | Begin Service

Our onboarding process is designed for maximum efficiency and client convenience. We've digitized the entire process, eliminating paperwork and simplifying the journey. Upon agreement, we promptly issue a contract to begin service. To guide you seamlessly into our partnership, we provide a comprehensive onboarding guide, complete with essential contact information and crucial details that you can easily reference when needed. We also collect pertinent business information, allowing us to swiftly adjust our services to your unique needs as required. To ensure a smooth transition, we conduct a thorough onboarding call with a dedicated account representative, ensuring all your questions are addressed and you’re fully prepared to get started. We believe in making this process as straightforward and effective as possible, so you can quickly reap the benefits of our services.

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